getting ready...
You are in a cooking competition where every competitor has to prepare the same dish for the judges in less than one hour. You:
A friend asks you to donate to a charity with a mission you think seems immoral. You politely:
Your perfect Saturday night is:
You are a new employee and have learned the boss has a reputation for being impatient. You just got called into a meeting so that your boss can give you some instructions. What do you do during the meeting?
You're watching a very meaningful and thought provoking movie about a family trapped in a tragic wartime situation. You:
When it comes to hobbies, you:
Your co-worker passes a project back and forth leaving certain tasks incomplete, which affects your work experience. You:
You’re tasked with putting together some complex furniture using build-it-yourself kits the company purchased for your office. What approach do you take?
You feel passionately about the environment, so you’re most likely to:
Your team is discussing the pros and cons of adopting a new software tool that would display projects, identify leaders, as well as document time spent on various tasks. You think the tool:
A friend has posted some political content on social media you know is factually incorrect. What do you do?
It’s the weekend, so you:
In a meeting room, you watch somebody give a speech about a controversial workplace topic. How do you gauge everyone’s reaction?
Imagine you’re in charge of creating and testing some concepts for television advertisements. Which approach would you take?
You support universal literacy, so you:
How do you prefer to act?
Which causes do you support most?